Terms of Service

Article 1. Specifics of Terms of Service

This Terms of Service specifically applies the Users (defined below) and applicants for using the Services (defined below).

Article 2. Definitions

In this Terms of Service, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings.
  • "the Services" means information distribution services that Actindi delivers some kind of information based on information sent during the Registration or information registered on My Page free by an E-mail, the SNS and other means of communication from the server of Actindi to the Users' E-mail addresses or other SNS accounts which registered with Actindi in order to receive the information.
  • "the Users" means members who registered their E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts to receive the Services.
  • "the Applicants" means who want to be the Users.
  • "the SNS" means the services of SNS other companies provide such as "Facebook" or "LINE".
  • "the Registration" means actions that Actindi registers E-mail addresses and the SNS accounts that the Applicants sent from the Actindi's website in order to receive the Services.
  • "My Page" means a specific page, which is set up in the website operated and managed by Actindi for the Users who can use the Services by entering Users' IDs and passwords.

Article 3. Private Information

  • Actindi appropriately governs the private information according to the "Privacy Policy".
  • Actindi uses the Users' E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts only for the Services, distributing E-mail magazines, distributing advertisements and communication from Actindi to the Users.

Article 4. Registration

  • The Applicants register, at the Actindi's website, their E-mail addresses, the SNS accounts and other information required from the website to receive the Services.
  • The Users shall be responsible to appropriately manage and maintain the Users' IDs and passwords regarding the Services and shall not let any third party use the Users' IDs or passwords, nor lend, assign, transfer, or sell the Users' IDs or passwords to any third party. In this case, the Users shall be liable for all damages arising out of any insufficient management, fault in the use, use by any third party of Users' IDs and passwords or other similar causes.

Article 5. Original E-mail magazines

Actindi may register the Users' E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts to send original E-mail magazines at the same time of the Registration or later.

Article 6. Cancelation from the Users

The Users may cancel the Registration and stop the Services by transmitting their E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts from the website Actindi appoints.

Article 7. Cancelation from Actindi

Actindi may cancel the Registration and stop providing the Services for the Users if any of the following events should occur:
  • if Actindi cannot send some kind of information or E-mail magazines due to the causes such as the error of the Users' addresses or the SNS accounts, the abolition of the Users' addresses or the SNS accounts, or the deficiency of the Users' mailbox capacity.
  • if there is a serious disability in the accomplishment of the Service by a reception refusal or reception disorder of the Users.
  • if the Users do Prohibited Actions listed in Article 9.
  • if Actindi finishes the Services.
  • if Actindi judges it is difficult to continue the Services.

Article 8. Responsibility

The Users are fully responsible to use the Services, and take responsibility for actions and results caused by the use of the Services.

Article 9. Prohibited Actions

The Users shall not:
  • register another person's E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts with the Registration.
  • register a large quantity of E-mail addresses or the SNS accounts made illegally with the Registration.
  • try to access Actindi's servers illegally, transmit unjust orders to the servers intentionally, place excessive load on the Servers, or try other acts obstructing Actindi's computer system.

Article 10. System Maintenance

  • Actindi may suspend the Services to maintain Actindi's computer system. In this case, except a case of emergency or slight maintenance, the company shall announce it beforehand for the Users.
  • Actindi may suspend the Services without announcing it previously because of causes beyond the reasonable control, including, but not limited to, obstacle of the computer system or the communication channel, power failure, riots, fire or act of god.

Article 11. Contacts

Actindi contacts the Users by transmission an E-mail or publication to the web page or E-mail magazines. When Actindi has transmitted the E-mail or published to the web page or E-mail magazine, Actindi deems the Users recognize the message.

Article 12. Property rights

Except from the information registered by the Users, any contents or information on the Services are the copyright of Actindi.

Article 13. Disclaimer

Actindi assume no responsibility whatsoever for any the Users' damages including the damages occurred:
  • by the case of Article 4 paragraph 2, Article7 or Article10.
  • by having used the information that Actindi distributed.
  • by the messages from Actindi not having reached the Users for reasons unattributable to Actindi.
  • by no arrival, delay in delivery, or miscarriage of the E-mail magazines for any reasons.
  • by the presence of all advertisements on My Page, E-mail or the Services

Article 14. Governing law and Jurisdiction

This Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Users hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court that has jurisdiction over the location of Actindi's domicile in any and all disputes between the Users and Actindi.

Article 15. Modifications

Actindi may revise and update this Terms of Service at any time. This Terms of Service in the state of the point in time when the Users used the Services is applied to the Users.

Article 16. Language

If there is any contradiction between what the English version of this Terms of Service says and Japanese language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.